Electric Dryer recomendations?

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Hi everyone, The 20 year old dryer in our rental house died last week. I'm not required to provide a washer and dryer in the lease but since we had it there we'd like to replace it. The house is a student rental so I want something that will take abuse but won't break the bank. Has anyone had luck with a particular model? I'm thinking about finding a used one on craigslist but I don't know if I want to take a chance on buying a dud. 

I have had more luck with used appliances from CL than new from the store.  Even if you get a dud you can normally find a decent unit for 1/4 the price of a new so you could replace it 4 times before you break evem

For a student house I would go used as well. It will take a lot of abuse. Dryers to seem to be pretty robust appliances however. When we look to buy units it is very often the case that the washer has had to be replaced but the dryer is still original to the unit. They seem to last.

Thanks guys. I'll be looking used. 

Ask a good appliance repair person for their recommendations. The best advice we've received on appliances always come from them! Also, go with easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to repair models.

I rent my washers and dryers. If they,are already on the unit I ask if they still want them for 24bucks a month. If they,break,down I just replace with used and give the old one to my,application repair guy for a IOU an,a,repair

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