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Hi BP,

My now husband, but at the time, fiancée moved in together at the end of August 2014.  We decided to rent his house out at the time because it made more sense than trying to sell it a the time.  He rented the house to a co-worker who had been transferred to Reno to Las Vegas.  She signed a one year lease.  She emailed us this morning and let us know that she was moving and is breaking the lease.  She told us that she was giving us 30 days notice and that she sent a check for $300 and to apply her $800 deposit to the last months rent. 

My husband got the lease off legal zoom.  I reviewed it to see what the terms were and it is pretty standard that if the tenant breaks the lease they are still liable for all the rent through the end of the lease term.  However, there is no language really on move out procedures and how the deposit should be handled.  It just says as applicable by local laws.

When we re-rent the house I plan on using a different lease.  What recommendations does the community have for finding a good lease and what sort of information do you make sure you include?  I would love to get everyone's feedback. Is there a good website with leases that you use?

For the record, we told the tenant that we will accept her 30 day notice, but that she has to pay the full amount's rent for March.  Once we do a final walk through and assess the house we will make arrangements to return her deposit. 

Thanks so much!


She was liable for the whole lease.  That's the purpose of a lease.  In your new lease I would specify that the security deposit can not be applied to the last month's rent.  That's not what a SD is for.

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