lease violation - next step ?

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it looks like my tenant just keeps getting worse. Upon inspection i found that she has taken in an international student to live in the property. She claimed that she got the permission from the PM that I fired but the PM is claiming that she never requested the permission. What should I do next? Should I kick her out ? 

I have not seen your previous posts which sounds like you may have other issues with this tenant.  This being said...

What is in writing? 

Does your lease have clauses for who can live in the property? 

Does your lease have roommate clauses?

If there is not damage to the property; if the property is being maintained; and if the property can handle the number of tenants, then is this a big issue?  

You must minimally have the international student sign the lease.  You may be able to increase the rent and/or deposit on this change.  Don't let this go too long because they may be able to claim residency which will mean you must evict to get rid of the tenants.

These are my opinions and I am not giving legal advice.

the lease agreement prohibits from her subletting it. She had asked me if it was okay for her to take in an exchange student before but i told her to talk to the PM ( i recently fired the PM). She never talked to the PM and just went ahead and took in the exchange student. When I found out last week and confronted her she claimed the PM gave the OK but that turned out to be a lie. 

She's an ok tenant. She's never late with the rent and the house is in generally okay condition. But she's not the easiest tenant to work with when it comes to scheduling for repairs and asking her to fulfill her duties such as maintaining the front yard. 

I'm planning on sending her an email to let her know that she is in violation of the lease but i'll make an exception provided that the student's name gets added to the lease. 

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