$70 Washer Usage Education Fee

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One of my tenants called and said  that their washing machine was not working, was leaking water, and that there was a burning smell. I sent my appliance repair guy over there and he found that the tenant had loaded in a comforter and unbalanced the machine. He checked it over and found that the machine itself was in fine condition. He believes that the leak was water spilling over because it was out of balance.

Should I try to recover the $70 from the tenant? Leases in Ontario ban the imposition of fees but I could ask them to pay; all they could say is no. This is almost as bad as an elderly tenant I once had who complained of a lack of water in his washing machine and a loud clicking noise He had turned off the hot water. He then did this repeatedly, such that I stopped sending the repair man and saved the $50 call out fee.

So, to bill or not to bill, that is the question. BTW the same tenant wants to discuss a $17.00 / month rent increase (on rent of $1,095) and while he is at it would like an air conditioner replaced at a cost of $400 and greater insulation in the attic at a cost that is quoted as $595 - $1,000. He is on electric heat and the bills have been high, but of course it was a record breaking cold winter. He is proving to be an expensive customer and does not want to put in a penny extra.

I suppose on one level I should be glad that I am only out $70 and do not have to replace a machine. But the idiocy of some tenants can be quite irritating.

Is it his washing machine?

I'd pay the bill, but I'd have a talk with the tenant to remind him that any damages that result from his negligence are his financial responsibility.  I have such clauses in my lease.  Hopefully, you do too.  

Then again, I have no idea what Canadian landlord law might have to say about such clauses.  I don't consider requiring a tenant to pay a repair bill because of something he did to be the same as charging a tenant a fee.  But, I am not a lawyer, and certainly not a lawyer familiar with landlord law in Ontario.

Good luck.

I don't supply washing machines, dryers or refrigerators.

Is there a reason you supply washer and dryers?  Do you charge more?

As you stated they are major headaches.

I'd say its time for you to invest in some coin operated washer/dryers or remove then from the property and leave it as a w/d hookups available.

Washers and dryers are pretty much expected in my area. I would have a hard time renting without them I am afraid. 

@Randy E. is probably right, just have a chat with them. I will see what I can do.

Yes, I'd pay the bill and then do some tenant training.

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