Pictures With Tenant's Furnishings OK In New Ad?

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Am advertising my single family house for rent now as the tenants will be out in mid-June. The house looks very well with their furnishings in it and I took some pictures a few months ago while doing some paint touchups, etc.

Of course, any house looks better tastefully decorated than it does empty. No personal information or other personal details are revealed in the pictures.

Would there be anything wrong to use a couple of these pictures in the new ad to attract the next tenant?

Any observations or comments will be appreciated.

If you have permission from the tenants go for it! I would ask your attorney if you can without their consent. However I think you can use furniture. It's not like you are showing their likeness without consent. I personally prefer empty house pictures. You don't feel like you're looking at another persons home. 

Thanks! I know some see empty house as cold and uninviting. Certainly for selling, most any Realtor will suggest leaving a house furnished if possible for showing. There are even companies that will furnish an empty house temporarily just for that purpose.

My idea was to show standard empty house shots, but also "warm it up" a little with a couple of furnished shots. Of course, I guess any serious potential tenant will be able to imagine their own stuff in the house... 

Definitely get confirmation that you are not transgressing any laws in your state.  In Texas I do not believe we can show the tenant's furniture.  At least the couple of realtors that I have worked with will not use pictures with tenant's items in them.


Guess I'll either ask the tenant to OK certain shots, or just make do with the shots I have of the tool-and-materials-strewn not fully-completed house interior. 

I didn't mention that, to accommodate the tenant's desire to move in earlier than the "ready date" posted, some of the interior was not completed (only basic floors and ceilings) when they moved big piles of their items into the centers of each room, which allowed completion of the walls, moldings, paint, trim, doors, light fixtures, switches, receptacles, cover plates, etc. So I have no pics of the completed interiors without their items present.

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