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I am going through an eviction process now. I was wondering if anybody know of an affordable eviction attorney local in the area. 

I have an experience person helping me out going through the eviction process.

The attorney will only be there in place of me whenever he/she has to go stand/representing me in front of the Judge or official at the court house.  This way, I don't have to drive to town and involve in the process.

I don't think the person that is supporting me could stand for me at the court as he is not a member of the LLC or an attorney.



@Paul Donoghue

Hi Paul, 

It has been a while. How have you been? Hope you had a good Holiday.

I called 2 local attorneys that involve in the real estate meeting in the town I own the property, but they never got back to me. 

After a few emails and phone calls, I was able to find one that has an office 20 minutes away from the town who would work with me. Currently, she is working with me to re-file my LLC as well.

For some reason, I never had any luck with the attorney that joint the local real estate meeting. They might be too busy to take up my business. I had similar experience with a local attorney in the Chelmsford REIA. At the time, I want her to help me forms my LLC. We agreed with the price and everything, I called her like 3 times, and left a message but she would never get back to me. I finally just dropped the effort. Then, I found someone else to help me formed the LLC.

Oh, for this tenant, someone helped me to convince him to move. So, he is out now.   

We should get together again in the near future.

Hi Chan,

I would recommend you understand the eviction process so if it happens again, you are ready.

I usually wait to the 3-4 day when the tenant is late to start the 14 day notice.  You can always stop the process.


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