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I need an online tool which will support paperless leases signing (as DocuSign), paperless application and background check.

In addition it could have mobile application with maintenance requests and my contractors I could forward requests to.

Payments support may be handy as well, but it is not a problem as I have already a system for that.

Could you please share you experience and give me an advice what will work better in my situation of managing about 20 rental units ? I am not going to grow this portfolio or add any other models of RE business.

have you tried buildium or rent manager?

Sounds like one app is not going to cut it.

You can use docusign or hellosign  mobile apps.  

I use a Web browser for background with transunion tlo. I don't know of any mobile apps but didn't look

 I use Google Apps, gqueues (runs on top of Google app) to manage service tickets (and everything else Google Apps for work offers) 

It is probably worth spending some time researching, looking into these apps and others like buildium and its competitors.   

Thank you :)))
Yes, I use different online tools right now to run background check, to sign and store leases and to automatic rent withdraw. It looks like it is reasonable that application, background check and leases may be supported by the same online tool. And if we will add payment - it may send a payment reminder and payment notifications as well but I prefer rent to be deposited directly to my account. Probably it is time to change my mind regarding this and make all processes consistent and comfortable for me

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