I am gong to wade, at least for this summer, into the vacation rental world using my duplex.  I want both unit available for family and friends in August and considering both units already are furnished and both tenants are moving out June 1st it good timing to try it as a vacation rental.  My primary job is a high school teacher so I'll have a little more time to run it during the summer. I DO want to focus on keeping my time free for my other interests and investment though so.....Does anyone have experience with "smart locks"?  I'm looking for something where I can use the internet to change the door code to let in guests, housecleaners etc....

      I have wifi at the place so does anyone have experience with a smart lock that is reliable for a landlord point of view and a guest point of view. Ideally it should allow for remote door code changes and allow for codes to be set to "autoexpire".

       As a strange aside, as it turns out, my tenant in one of the units installed a Vivint home security system without asking me.  I'm ignoring it at the moment because I know I'm not liable I dont want it to become my problem in any way.....but....I decided to call Vivint today and as them about locks and as it turns out for about $60 a month Vivint can do the smart lock thing and according to them, do it well (remote door code changes, door codes set to be good for a specified number of days that then expire etc, etc.)    can see a security system creating expenses and false alarms in a vacation rental sistuation but on the other hand maybe its a good fit and maybe I'm "lucky" its alreayd installed and I should look into taking over the tenants contract?  Obviously the expense is an issue but even worse would be taking over the contract....which I'm sure is a long contract.