Best way to communicate a non-renewal of a lease

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I'm going to email and snail mail my tenant a notice of nonrenewal of the lease. As a courtesy, should I call and talk to the tenant in person before sending the documents? 


No.  Everything you do in this business should be put in writing.  In Michigan we don't need a reason to Not Renew someone's lease.  However, if it is because they have been argumentive with me, I will say "Due to the breakdown of our landlord tenant relationship, I will not be renewing your lease with us,  making your last day........"

If it is due to a lease violation that they have been told to do and have not done it, or ignored me, then I say, "Please be advised that I will not be renewing your lease due to the following lease violations, making your last day with us on......"

Nancy Neville

I hardly ever deliver non renewal of leases, since my leases automatically go on month to month after the year (it makes it easier on both parts in my opinion), but when i do i always put it in their mailbox in writing..usually when you issue a non renewal of lease, you don't wanna talk to just want them out..

I always do certified mail.  It needs to be in writing and it's best if you can verify that you sent it. 

Yes, mail it.  Generally they know why, but if they want to discuss it I will talk to them.

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