Person not on lease squating, how to get them to leave?

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My friend is having a hard time with someone in his rental house. He has a lease with two tenants, they allowed a friend to move in without letting the landlord know. The two on the lease have since moved out but there friend refuses to leave. This person is disabled and not on the lease, how do I get them out of the house because they refuse to pay and are threatening to destroy the place. 

Your friend has to file for a legal eviction.  Either go to the clerk of courts office, or hire a lawyer.

Your friend needs to consult a lawyer who specializes in landlord issues.

@Brent Wasson your friend needs a good real estate attorney to file an unlawful detainer action, at least that is what it is called in my area. I assume similar elsewhere. I always suggest an attorney handle any landlord-tenant action as opposed to an investor doing so himself or herself unless there is ample landlording experience.

Good luck!


Evict them through your jurisdiction's legal procedure. 

Definitely start the eviction process..they're not on the lease, they have no reason to be there..most likely your friend will get them out without getting too deep in the process, but like others have said, get an attorney..

I have a friend named "Big Tony" that goes over and makes the situation clear to people like this.  I give Tony a little 'moving money' to offer the squatter (who is usually a leftover gf/bf) just in case he needs to offer it.  He hasn't yet.  

Not legal advice.  Just what I do in my area at this point in time.  

Evict. No rent money and no lease saying they are allowed to be there means you absolutely have the power to evict. 

Steve Vaughan I'm not sure if you are serious or not, but either way, I like your method.

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