Writing sewage and sump pump care into lease: any suggestions?

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Newbie here trying to compile a lease for a house in PA. It's a country house so it has well water and a sump pump, and I want to make sure that it's clear in the lease that if the Tenants cause damage to the sewage system by disposing of improper things down the drain they will be covering the costs of fixing it! 

Is there anyone who would be willing to share how they have written that into a lease? 

that will be super hard to prove in court, unless the plumber can pull out the toy or the object. 

The sump pump is unrelated to the sewage system.  Are you worried about them dumping things into the septic system?  If so, just put that in your lease, with a list of stuff they're not supposed to put down the drains.  And include verbiage like "Do not put anything on the following list in the sewer.  This list is NOT all inclusive.  Service and repair costs caused by tenant placing inappropriate items in drain are tenant's responsibility.

But, sewer problems are often just something you as the landlord have to deal with.  It can be tough to show the tenant caused the problem.

Also include verbiage that says you can apply money received from tenant to outstanding charges in the order you choose.  This protects you against a tenant refusing to pay a charge and only paying the rent.  You apply part of the money to the charge, then the rent is short.  Non-payment or short payment of rent is a good cause for eviction.

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