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Hey folks, relatively new here, I popped in awhile ago. I'm getting ready to rent out my home for the first time and I am planning on doing it myself. I'll be moving across country. Has anyone used an 'online' property manager? I haven't found many. I can always find good renters due to my social networks, but I don't feel like taking phone calls and I want to deal with rent strictly online. 

I found but unfortunately it doesn't look like they are operating in my area yet. Any other suggestions?


There are a lot of options for collecting rent electronically.  A quick search of this forum will find you several threads discussing pros/cons of the most popular ones.  I use Intuit Payment Network and really like it.

Do you really need a "property manager" if you're just trying to collect rent electronically and not take phone calls?  Seems like you'd be giving up profit to someone for not really doing much for you, especially if you're finding your own tenants.  Could you just instruct tenants to email you with issues, and pay rent electronically and save yourself management fees?

I guess that would be an option. I'm just worried about time zone issues and not knowing who to call to fix things. Abohub seems to only charge about 2%... I don't mind that for them taking care of the phone calls.

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