Philadelphia Sewer Systems

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This topic is more geared to cities with combined sewer systems.  Philadelphia still continues to use a combined systems in which plumbing wastewater and stormwater combines through the same system.  During intense rainstorms, I believe this is the reason we are experiencing backups in properties which we have changed both the trap and lateral (outside house connecting to the main).  Below is a link to Philadelphia Water Department's Basement Protection Program (BPP).  Has anyone else experienced the same issues?  Have any Philly BP members tried the BPP program and, if so, what are your experiences with the program?

HI Irfan,

This is the first time I've heard of the program, great info, thanks! I like the backwater valve part of the program but the "disconnect rain leaders" language is concerning. Your previously dry basement could start getting wet if the rain leader is diverted to running off into the yard. That's the only thing I'd want to hear from other homeowners on, did they disconnect their rain leaders/downspouts from the sewer system and, if so, has it caused any issues. I'm always leery of letting the government have any extra involvement in my life! What happens if they come in and say they're disconnecting rain leaders and you disagree with the decision? 

I was not aware of the program. Thank you! As a new home owner, some of the language I am not familiar with and nor do I understand. I have noticed water in my basement after a storm. I am trying to determine if this program could solve my water problem or point me in the right direction.

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