How to charge for this damage?

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Wondering how you might charge against security deposite for a dented stainless steel dishwasher? Not a giant dent but quite noticeable none the less. A new panel from manu is more than replaceing the whole dishwasher, and then the install costs if replacing. what would you consider fair? Tenant is assuming responsibility.

If you want to keep on the tenants' good side you could suggest they pay for a new dishwasher (since it's cheaper and less trouble than replacing the panel) and you pay for the installation (which shouldn't be very much).  Then you sell the old one on Craigslist to someone who wants a stainless dishwasher and can live with a dent.

No hard feelings, you and the tenants both feel like you came out ahead.

they need to pay for it, if they are already out take the cheapest option out of their deposit.  if they are still in the place i would just leave as is until they vacate, too much risk they will damage the new one again.

@Will G.

I will caution against using security deposit to pay for it.  At least, you should ask your tenant to "replenish" the security deposit as soon as possible.  Remember, your security deposit is there to protect you from larger loss (e.g. major damage, they stop paying rent etc.)  You should keep that amount as full as possible to minimize your potential damage in case any major mishaps happens.  Using security deposit to pay, while convenient, make you more exposed to future loss.

unless they are moving out,  u can't use their deposit 

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