Sub-metering services water/sewer, multifamily NC

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I'm starting to look into a service that can sub-meter the water usage on a multifamily property in North Carolina.  anyone have experience doing this?  (and if so, what company did you use?)


@John Buchanan I just did this for a large property and had quite an experience. On the one hand, it helped to locate leaks (which were all over) and bring down the total water bill by over 50%!!! On the other hand, the bills produced by those meters on units with leaks became quite a problem with the tenants ($1,000 water bill for one month because of a leaky toilet?) - so it put a new layer of work on the management staff.

Biggest problem - winter came and I had a whole new round of freeze damage due to the way the meters had been installed. I don't want to name names here, but PM me and I'll tell you who NOT to use.

In the end, the tenant complaints were so high that we ended up going back to RUBS. The cost of the metering was more than recovered by the savings in our water bills from pinpointing all leaks, but I'm also certain we lost a lot of tenants because of this. Quite a roller coaster.