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Hi everyone. I have been a member of BP for a few months now and I have come across a problem. My bid was accepted on a home that was built in the 50's. The inspector said there is asbestos in the 9x9 tiles in the basement but was of no concern.  Just the word asbestos concerns me. Since it would be a rental, my first rental,  I am concerned about the renters and children that would most likely be playing in the basement. The inspector also mentioned there is probably asbestos behind the siding. Any thoughts on this is greatly appreciated.

If you are that concerned about it then contact a few asbestos remediation companies. Be prepared to pay a pretty penny though. Asbestos has to be loose and airborne and even then you have to be exposed to it over a long term. However its your personal call.

If it's not going to over tax your burden as far as what your paying on the property I'd deal with it. If it were me it I would do it just to give myself peace of mind. I'd always be thinking and worried about it and maybe you can possible fact the cost into the rental price over time? 

Any house built/renovated before the 80's is likely filled with it in the wierdest places. From tiles (floor, ceiling, walls) to insulation, to paint, cement, siding  and sheetrock/plaster to name a few. They put it in vinyl floor tiles for some reason. The main problem is it going airborne. If you paint it (encapsulate it) and it's solid you should be ok. If you need to work on any old stuff treat it all as having lead / asbestos. You need to evaluate how much your going to disturb. Painting old tiles should be fine. It's when you need to remove them for some reason you need to be cautious.

Always wonder why you don't see old houses encapsulated as they are being demolished. Considering how much is in those old homes and the dust it kicks up.

P.S. It still finds its way into modern houses - Got a glass stove top? Dynamic Earth or whatever name they use today. It's in there!

encapsulation doesn't help during demo. Painting floor tiles is not going to do a lot either. Asbestos is dangerous but I also believe it to be way overblown. A lot of the interior stuff usually just disappears over time. I always have the asbestos slate siding removed as I strip down to the original sheathing before I reside so I can repair any damaged spots. In my state their is a license to pull and a company can remove the asbestos following the rules for about $1.25 per square foot. Pretty reasonable.

We have older properties and we have no problem with asbestos if it is encapsulated. The asbestos with tiles is probably underneath and not on the surface. If it is not exposed and friable, no problem. We encapsulate asbestos siding with paint. Some folks will encapsulate asbestos siding with other siding. For asbestos wrap around duct work, we encapsulate it with paint and then build a chase around it or have it removed. Asbestos is a good insulator, unfortunately if it gets airborne it is hazardous.