water sub-metering

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Hi...anyone change over a building to water sub-metering?  I'm not talking about a RUBS process but actual sub-metering.  if so, how did it go?  anyone do this in Washington State?

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I individually metered two triplexes (from two meters to six meters). It was great. Snohomish has super high water bills and it's a long-term hold so the price is justifiable.

 Thank you for quick turnaround!!  Did the utility do the work or did you use a sub metering firm?  How did the tenants take it?  

If anyone is looking for new-in-the-box water meters, I have a couple of them, complete with boxes, for $90 each. I don't recall exactly what I paid, but it was a lot more than that. I was going to use them with my farm tenants who had cattle, but decided to throw them all out and start building high trellises for growing hops for the exploding local craft beer industry. Since this land doesn't need irrigation for established crops, I don't need the meters. 

Please PM me if you're interested.


Utility Company (City in my case) installed the meters, and I hired someone to do the install with me (mainly operating machinery, etc). I ran 3" PVC sleeves and then ran a continuous 1" poly through the sleeve to each unit and hooked in at main water valves. I just did it and haven't switched the tenants over yet, but they will be fine, they know what's going on. Either that or they leave and I get new tenants at higher rent + no more WSG bill.