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Hello everyone, I have a property in Lawrence, MA and looking to get a property manager. I'm new in having property management. Can anyone share information in the process and how do I go about that? Also, where can I find a propert manager? Thanks in advance for your feedbacks.

Hi Denise,

SF? Look to your local REIA for thoughts. Commercial? Reach out to a CCIM certified business/person.

Best to you!


Forresidential property management go to

 This is the national Association of residential property managers.  You can  see what members are in your area and if they hold designations like residential management professional or master property manager.

 It's the best way to find a good property manager.

Hi @Denise Abreu ,

One step I would recommend is writing down some key questions you want to ask and potential property managers. Some key ones for me are;

  1. - What are associated fees? (tenant placement, monthly %, etc.)
  2. - What is the length of commitment on the contract (this becomes important if you discover they suck)
  3. - How soon are rents transferred? (I've been quoted anywhere from 5-30 days) 
  4. - Do they use some type of software you can login and see all your paperwork (appfolio, buildium, etc.)

The most important thing to remember is that everything is negotiable. If you don't like the terms they have in their contract, try to negotiate! Hope this helps.

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