Independent Contractor Agreement

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Please, help me to find short doc I could sign with any contractor before he will start to work on my site. I want something short, easy to understand by any contractor so they will feel comfortable to sign and I will feel comfortable to have them at my site


Or, sign up for RocketLawyer....they have good forms and can step you through an agreement like that.  Just be sure to cancel after your free trial period and you won't get charged.

Or, since an IC agreement is a legal document that varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, you could have your attorney draft one for you. Good luck.
Really I used rocket lawyers for a year or so before I found that their lease is not good at all, yes I got something from google for IC agreement, I just want something simple and clear, by the way when I asked other REI it does not look like they feel it is important for them, but I do not feel comfortable, especially when IC takes over a kid to job site, I hope somebody could share sample of doc or why they do not use it

Start by reading this:

There are links to the two agreements at the bottom of the article, but for some reason they aren't working can download both those documents from my website (just sign up for my Newsletter and you'll get access to them and lots of other stuff)...

Your contractor being classified as an independent contractor is fairly simple, but not the most important aspect.  If they don't have workers comp and liability, someone getting on hurt on your property isn't going to matter...liability still goes Up the ladder, to you.


Your links on doesn't work, I received an error message of #406.


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