Adding/Removing tenants - lease

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Hi Everyone,

I'm in Houston, TX and my tenant has asked if her boyfriend can move in and be added to the lease.  There's no issue with him moving in, he's there all the time anyway, but I'm wondering if he needs to be added to the lease.  Any tips?  Also, the tenant's son is on the lease but he has since move out.  What is the proper way to handle all this?  Simply type up a page explaining it all and have them sign it?

I really don't anticipate any problems with them, she's been a great tenant for the past 1.5 years.  Thanks in advance for any advice.

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@Anthony Varner , I'm all for adding the boyfriend to the lease - provided he passes your tenant screening. You are screening your tenants, aren't you?

What is the motivation for removing the son from the lease? Is it simply because he no longer lives there or did they ask? Was he integral to qualifying for the property?

Yes we screened her and no problems.  The son was not integral at all.  He's just a teenager and wasn't paying anything, but he has since moved out.  

So you suggest to screen him as well, then what?  Write up a new amended lease from them to sign if he passes (which I'm sure he will, they are both stable)?

So I signed a lease with a former friend of mine, I didn't move in till about a month later, and I came to find out that my roommate had a dog living there that she was told not to have there. And conducting illegal activities. I couldn't have my daughter risking not having a place to live if we were to get evicted, or worse, the cops come and arrest everyone, so I talk to the property manager to see what my options are, and she makes me sign a Lease Amendment Concerning Tenant Change to get me off the lease. My question is, that the same thing as breaking a lease? I'm about to fill out an application for a house on Monday, and if it's just as bad as having a broken lease, I'm not goingto waste my money with the application. So is it a negative impact on your rental history at all?