Renter gave notice, when should I advertise?

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I had a great renter for four years.  She gave notice that she is moving out in 3 months.  I don't want to have a lapse in renters.  How soon is too soon to advertise?  

Hi Alec,

I would start now, I usually fill upcoming vacancies 2-3 months in advance.  While you are showing the property, make a note of anything that will need to be fixed before the new tenant moves in and make a plan to get that taken care of so you have minimal time between tenants. 

I show my apartments while they are still occupied, so I schedule a two hour window with the tenants and all appointments to prospective tenants at 15 minute intervals within that window.  I prefer this to open houses since I can't watch everyone visiting during an open house to make sure they are not walking off with the current tenant's stuff, and I know who will be there- being on time is part of my screening process.


It depends on the condition of the property , this is the time to paint , repair and do any improvements . I dont show till they are ready 

Thanks Kelly,  I have already made a list of issues that need correcting.  A very short list.  I rehabbed the house prior to this tenant, and she took great care of it.  I will get to work asap.

Matthew, thanks for the reply too.

When the tenant moves out. 

You can assess and perform all repairs at that time. You will also know for a fact that the unit is ready.

Filling in advance can run you into problems. 

What if your tenant doesn't actually move out when they are supposed to?

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