Know of tenant screening tool that allows searching/mapping multiple addresses?

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I'm a private landlord, doing the tenant screening process myself. I usually purchase a credit check online on prospect/applicant and begin to analyze their credit myself.

I know there are tools online that help you expedite the process that looks for warning signs and help you make a decision to accept or decline the prospect such as But when I used them, I still had to take each addresses, that the applicant submitted as their previous address, and google map/street view those addresses individually to make sure that they look legitimate.

Are there tools that you like that would help me check multiple addresses of the applicant and previous employment addresses from one place?

Hello Vitaliy,

Check the address on your applicant's Photo ID and Credit Report to establish an address history. You can get a Title Search through to find out who owns their current rental property. Make sure all info on the Photo ID, Credit Report and Title Search matches the info provided on the rental application. Then call their landlord to find out about your prospect.

You can verify business information with a Google Search. The contact phone number of the business is more relevant than the business address. Keep in mind that many businesses are now outsourcing employment verifications to The Work Number or other third party companies.

I hope this helps with your verifications. Feel free to contact me directly for support with your tenant screening process.

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