Anyone using this carpet?

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I'm considering this carpet for 2 upstairs bedrooms and the stairwell leading to them.  This is a low income property.  The subfloor is plywood.  Looking for feedback on anyone that's used this carpet.  I'm more concerned about when it's time to replace since it's glue down.  Is gluing it down my only option?  If yes, what am I up against when it's time to replace it?  Here is the carpet...

I would probably go with floating floors and paint the stairs, would be about the same price, easier to take out, and might last for a few more turn overs:

$0.59/sqft for the flooring at home depot but can be as low as $0.29/sqft from Lumber Liquidators when it goes on sale

$0.23/lf for shoe moulding

I like the $25 a gallon oil-based gloss paint sold at Walmart (rustoleum brand)

If it's low income and you're using carpet plan on replacing it every time a tenant moves out.  If you get 2 tenants out of carpet it's a miracle.   I would try to paint the stairs and I'd use something like Allure vinyl plank flooring, it'll cost you more upfront but is extremely durable and you won't be changing it out. 

Thanks for the feedback. I'll have to search for images of the stairs painted. Can't picture what that will look like.  Sounds durable. :)

Lumber Liquidators has this on sale for the next few days.  What kind of durability can I expect?

I went with the heavier gauge 'clickable' 12mm but it was still a PITA to install. I took back the thinner Chinese stuff as it would not hold together.

The kitchen area is a vinyl like allure that was 99c/sq ft from Bargain Outlet but also slightly heavier gauge than the allure.

Next time I'll just get it from Home Depot & have them install it as I do with all the carpeting whole house $37.

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