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Hi All,

I currently have a duplex that I am required to pay the utilities on.   I was thinking it would be nice to be able to at least monitor or maybe control the systems from my phone or computer at home.  Has anyone used anything like this??  Just curious..



Hi Rob,

Interesting idea, I know of people using it on their personal residence, but never thought about it on rentals. I had a co-worker that had a system installed on his house that shuts the A/C or heater off when he reaches a certain amount of usage for the month to control his monthly costs. It did cost him a few hundred dollars to install and I am not sure if there is a monthly fee attached with it as well. Is there a reason that you are required to pay all their utilities? Is it the law? Is there a way that you can pass the expenses on to them? I am thinking that if the regulations force you to pay utilities they may frown upon implementing a system that controls their usage…just my thoughts. I like the idea!


Thanks John.

The city requires I pay the water/sewer.  The duplex units are not desperately metered so I don't have any way to spit them up, and there is only one heat source.  Also, I have a contract with the state on one of the units, in which they do not pay utilities directly.  The costs are offset by the tenets in terms of higher rent but I thought it would be an efficient way to monitor things.  just looking into it..  Thanks

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