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I have a property that had a basement flood. I had a restoration team come out to address the problem. They put about 12 large fans and dehumidifiers all throughout the basement and left them run continuously for 8 days. The issue was finally resolved and I moved on from it. However, my tenants are now claiming that their electricity bill is $900. They say it's never been over $300 before and are asking me to either deduct $600 from the rent or pay the bill. As a landlord do I have any obligation to pay their bill? They have not been the best tenants. They've been a few days late on their rent a handful of times. 

@Matt McKinney Just my personal thoughts, I would try to verify that their bill was not a past due balance (hoping that the tenant would be willing to show you their previous bills) and if there is proof that their bill did increase the $600 because of the fans and dehumidifiers, I would cover the cost if I were you because you are the landlord and the flood was not the fault. I hope all goes well. Good Luck!!

If the flood was not the tenant's fault, then yes you have an obligation to pay the overage. I would not be surprised to see that kind of bill; about 12 years ago I had a busted pipe that flooded out my house and the electric bill from the humidifiers and fans was over $1,000. I submitted to insurance, and they covered it.

I would request to see the prior 3 utility bills. If these bills average $300 then yes I would pay the $600 to cover the excess.

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