Kitchen remodel necessary?

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I just purchased a rental property, and am working with my property manager to determine what repairs we should do on one of the units before renting out.  This unit in particular isn't in the best shape: 10 year old carpets and paint, roaches, incredibly messy tenants (they are now gone), etc.  Kitchen cabinets are pretty gross... a lot of stains, dust, dead bugs... property manager recommends demolishing and completely replacing due to sanitary reasons... is that really necessary?  Would just a good deep clean do?

Property manager also recommends tearing out part of the dry wall between the kitchen and bathroom to check for mold... there were some dark mildew/mold like spots on the wall under the kitchen sink... seems like overkill, what do you guys think?


Really would need to see some pics to say on the cabinets.  If they're structurally sound there all all kinds of options to freshen them up, paint them, reface them, etc.  

With mold you're usually better off pulling back some drywall and taking a look.  Drywall repair is cheap.

Kitchen and bath is what increases rent in most cases. Updating kitchen may be tough to dish money out on but if pm knows his/her stuff and is recommending you do it I would have to agree from the info provided. Ask your pm what rent will be doing a cleaning and ask what rent will be with updated kitchen.

Ok - got it.  will do.  Thanks Dana, Shawn

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