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For the first time ever I've decided to do a month to month lease for one of my long term tenants.  I want it to be a rock solid lease though.  Are there any NH landlords that have a professionally prepared word doc for a month to month lease that they would be willing to share?  I apologize if sharing documents with one another is against the rules or something but I do it with other investors all the time so I figured it was kosher on BP.  Please let me know if you would be willing to share, thanks!

In my state, the general terms of the last lease (due dates, responsiblities, etc.) continue in effect when the tenant goes month to month.  There is a legal concept around occupancy that may kick in after 2 years without a new lease here, so it is highly recommended not to go longer than 24 months without a new lease.  Your prior lease document may aleady say something about what happens if the tenant goes month to month after the lease terms ends.  Good luck.

Hi Brett,

Not NH, but my month to month has all the same terms and conditions as my one year fixed lease--except of course the provisions on the time and the title (month to month as opposed to fixed term). Then I just write the deposit amount in as received and on file. In fact, in most states your fixed term reverts to month to month with same terms under the month to month condition at expiration. I use fixed terms 6mo/1year up front to get people with a longer term  orientation but then have worked with them on a month to month basis for years.

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