Renter with bed bugs

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We recently rented to a couple who claims that we provided them an apartment with bed bugs. Basically they signed the TAA BB Addendum with specific wording that they were aware the unit was free of BB but had not seen the unit yet. Upon move in inspection they sent photos of what they said was BB fecal smears. We called out an exterminator to inspect before they moved in and they found evidence of past infestation but no live bugs. We told the tenant that the unit was bed bug free. Within a few days of moving in they were being bitten and eventually brought in a live bug in a jar. Exterminator came out again to inspect and found live bed bugs. We think they brought them in and that the photos were a way to cover what they were doing.

We have run into problems with the exterminators not treating as promised and now, 2 months in, the renter is wanting to break the lease. Not sure if I stick my ground and enforce the lease or cut my losses. They claim they are still being bit and are moving out whether we let them out of the lease or not.

Any help is appreciated!

I had a SFR where a tenant claimed bed bugs after moving in. The house was new to me. I had just had it remodeled, but I have no idea whether there were or were not bed bugs before. The tenant had rented furniture from a local place. They gave her different furniture and I had the place treated just so we could move on. Thankfully no further issues.

You might consider letting the tenants out (with one month rent to cover them breaking the lease if possible - sounds like you acted in good faith) and then making sure the exterminator really gets in there - including treating surrounding units - to avoid the problem spreading.  And to avoid prolonged back and forth with the tenant.

I hear bed bugs can be really hard to get rid of.  Good luck.

I suggest you let your tenant go and re-treat your home for bed bug extermination with the help of some well-known bed bug exterminator. After all, the house belongs to you. You should check online for reviews about a pest control service provider before hiring it, as only a reputed organization can provide the best solutions.