Potential Contractor Referral in Garland (East Dallas and beyond)

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My name is Eric.  I have been delivering pizzas for the past few months at nights and on the weekends to get my familyout of debt and start my real estate career.  I've made a few deliveries to a man I wanted to let the forum know about.  His name is Uriel James.  I've never done any work with him but he has always been freindly, he's a sharp looking guy, a good tipper, and his house is beautiful(pics attached)!  If his own place is an indicator of his attention to detail and craftsmanship, I think you are in for a great partnership. 

I'd like to add that his house is located in a B+/B- part of Garland, an eastern suburn of Dallas.  I imagine that he would work anywhere but know that he is physically located closest to Garland, Mesquite, Rockwall, Rowlett, East Dallas, etc.  Mr. James and I are not friends and he doesn't know I am writing this post.  I just hear repeatedly that contractors are a pain and don't do good work.  I figure he's at least worth a call to anyone looking for someone who seems to be good at what they do.  Good luck and let me know if anyone ends up working with him.