Rent to own for rental

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hey everyone questions I have an investor that dose rent to own houses and will finance the houses to other investors would it be wise if I rented them out to pay for them also thought about fix and flip a couple of one that,need redone. ... any suggestions 

Have someone double check the paperwork so you know the pitfalls.

Subleasing sound fine technically, but it makes me nervous. Who would handle a pipe leak or an expensive structural repair?

I'm not sure you'd have enough control to satisfy your tenant's needs.

@Matt Pippin welcome to BP.  The first question that springs to mind is if they cash flow as rentals why is he selling them?  It is possible he has a good reason but it is something to think about.  For my part I would do your due diligence.  What is the property worth right now?  What is the neighborhood like?  How much can you get for rent?  How much deferred maintenance is there?  What would the cost of rehab and after repair value be?  Everything you need to do as investor needs to be done here but with even more due diligence.  Go get the numbers then check back.  Good luck.