$2000 water/sewer bill in 1 month!

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If I can help it,I only buy units with all utilities paid by tenants.

When I started out,I got an older duplex with a shared meter.
Have not repeated the mistake since then.

6 months ago,water bill at that unit jumped from 45$ to 2000$-in one month.Then it stayed that way for three billing cycles before I caught on to it.
Turns out the neighbor had connected a hose pipe to the backyard pipe while tenant was away and started running a car wash on my dime.

When informed,tenant was essentially nonplussed.Not her business.
I will now be having the meters separated at some heavy cost,but will have lasting peace of mind.
If she got the 2000$ bill in her name instead,she'd show some more responsibility perhaps?

I just hate surprises.

If the bill was in your name, did you not open the bill?

If you have proof that the neighbor did it, I would call the police and file criminal charges

In the meantime try no outside spigots ?   

I also have a clause about excessive use charge back  I would use in this case. In any event I would give your tenant a lease violation if I could find one that applied.