Good or bad idea

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This might be a silly question but I was really curious if any of you leave things like a washer and dryer for tenants and even a lawnmower?

My rental property has a decent size lot with a yard I have an extra lawn mower that I was considering to leave there at the property. I thought it might be a plus to whoever rents it out from me. But I was worried if something would go wrong.

The washer and dryer however I was thinking about leaving there if the tenant needs one and also adding that to the monthly rent. Thought that was a good idea to maximize my rent.

@Cody Purtle All of my units include washer/dryers and the rent price is reflective of those being included.

As for lawn care, I personally don't let the tenants take care of the lawn, as I have had tenants in the past that just were responsible for lawn care but did not do even a remotely decent job at it.  I now have a lawn service take care of it, and include that in the rent.

I believe that if you leave a lawn mower for them to use, don't expect it to work when you get it back. Its unlikely they will take care of it, and then when it breaks, it will be your responsilbity to fix or they will not take care of the lawn.  Plus, are you expecting them to have/buy the other items needed to take care of the lawn like edgers, trimmers, etc?  

Thanks for the feedback I definitely didn't think about having a lawn service take care of the property. I was thinking that they would supply the other lawn equipment. 

I agree with the above comment on everything. But if you were in a situation where you were doing a lease or rent to own the lawn mower could be used as an added item or incentive. Other than that I would say don't leave it if you expect it back