Smart Move; not enough information for tenant recommendation?

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I've used smart move several times now and have been very pleased.  However, this last application has raised some eyebrows.  Smart move came back with "not enough information to make a recommendation."  They were not able to pull a credit report.  Has this happened to anyone else? Also, I could be wrong but did I see on another form Smart move does not accurately report tenant evictions?  Should I start considering using a different service?

For this particular prospective tenant, I have a couple of concerns.  My initial impression was very good.  She seemed clean (the inside of her car was very clean; thanks bp for that tip) and her demeanor/response to my questions were adequate.  I felt very comfortable with her.  However, after she filled out the application concerns started popping up. First, she is only 22 years old. Her employer is merry maids which she has only worked there for a month.  She states she is married and her husband is deployed over seas. He makes an additional 3k a month, but he will not be going on the lease due to him being deployed.  In addition to Smart moves inability to assist on this decision, how should I handle the husband situation.  She does not qualify on her own.  I will verify past tenant/landlord relationship and employment.  What else should I do?  Should I ask for a joint bank account statement that shows direct deposit from the service?  What would you recommend?

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Require the husband to be on the lease in order for them to meet the income requirement.

This one would be very straight forward for me- a reject based on her income level and length of employment.  Hubby cannot be on the lease since he is not local.  I would not accept his income based on her claim of marital status...who knows what their actual marital situation looks like, and I would need to meet him personally before renting to them anyway.  This situation is grey at best, and I don't rent to grey.

I deal with military tenants and am active duty myself. She should have or Be able for get a power of attorney from her husband and therefore legally sign his name on the lease. I would guess that she has no credit because they buy everything under his name so pull his credit too. I would ask for a copy of a current LES (military pay sub) and a copy of her power of attorney and would lease to them both assuming that his income covers your rent to income qualification.

@John Powell --isn't there also a document that would show his current marital status to prove her relationship?

@Christian Bors --I would be concerned about her length of employment if she has no other employment history.  If she does, I would check that and see why she left it.  Was she fired?

Also, anyone that will spend more than 3 weeks of the year in the house goes on the lease complete with credit checks, etc.  So he may have to be on the lease anyway depending on when he's expected to be back.

His LES would show that he has a dependent but not who. I would take the Power of Attorney (POA) it is a legal document. My wife has bought houses in my name with one. Other than that you could ask for a copy of her license that has her name same last name. Or a dependent I'd card which will have her name and her husbands (sponsor) name. For me I would need to see her drivers license her dependent ID card, a copy of the signed and notarized power of attorney and an LES. I would verify the dates on the POA and keep a copy with the signed lease. Hope that helps. If I can be of more help on the military issues shoot me a PM.