Heating systems

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Hello everyone I'm working on a project. I'm having 2 open livable loft space. My contractor suggested that i put ceramic heated tiles which I will on the ground level but the upstairs I want a more rustic look as the area is populated by artist. So I'm having trouble deciding what type of heat to put. 

1. gas heat -downstairs heated floor and upstairs baseboards

2.25,000 - 30,000 btu AC heat and cold air units 

3. Gas heater with a aluminum duct going across the loft with fans to blow the heat down


trying to post pic's to give an idea but it won't let me ....

Can you just post a link instead of images?

I love the idea of heated floors and I think you can put the heating coils under almost any type of flooring, even concrete.

The overhead blower wouldn't be very efficient, as heat rises.  I think you'd end up with the lower area of the room feeling cold.

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If you are considering AC you have to have vents regardless right?  Might as well use them for the heating too.  Air circulation should keep the temperatures close to even.  Consult the furnace guy first.