Hi - What should I expect to pay for this plumbing work?

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I own rentals in Fort Worth, Texas. What could I expect to pay for the following work?


  1. Remove and Replace the garbage disposal
  2. Remove and replace the drain pipe under sink
  3. Caulk gap around sink


  1. Rebuild commode
  2. Replace stop and supply line for the commode
  3. Re-cable tub drain



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$300-400 from a licensed plumber would be my guesstimate.  As @James DeRoest suggested, those are easy handyman jobs for less than half that.  I wouldn't mess with re-cabling the tub drain.  Get a new overflow and drain with a popup drain plug.  Far easier to install.

 Hello and welcome to BP!  If you do not know the answer allready, get other written offers or ou know if you can trust that subcontractor.  You did not mention if either room is on the first floor or another one up.  I would expect to pay about $325 on either one but it is hard to say not knowing the particulars of each.  The floor they are on can make a big difference as well as the age of the plumbing.  With most subs there is a point where you just have to trust them.  The main thing is that you will get a good job and they, or somebody else, will not have to come back.  I live in Coppell Texas and I know a bit of what you are facing because I have been in the construction business for about 40 years.  This is only the way I can help you right now because of my stroke and I can't walk yet.  Good luck to you!