Swingset, keep or tear down?

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Hi BPers,

I have a 4-plex out in the country and one of the previous evicted tenants put this swingset out there about 7 years ago. (picture uploaded). One of the inherited tenants wants me to keep it. That inherited tenant is a sex offender (child molester). The other unit is rented and I have two more new tenants that will be moving in this month to the other two units.

My question is should I go ahead and have it removed? I'm thinking yes and can give the reason to the inherited tenant that I am removing it for liability reasons.

Thanks, Kurt

I feel like you are trolling but I'll bite. 

That's creepy, tear it down. Also, get rid of the sex offender unless you're looking to keep this as an F property. F as in all your interested applicants are going to say F*** this place soon as they learn you allow child molesters to live there and empower them by leaving children's play sets in the yard!

@Christopher B. I'm not trolling Chris and thanks for your feedback. I'm hoping to get rid of the sex offender, but it will be in the spring. He is on a M2M. I just evicted 3 renters this year and rehabbed all three of them completely so it has cost me a lot of money. I plan on rehabbing the unit the inherited tenant is in the spring. 

Liability. Put it on Craigslist for free. Someone will remove it for you.

Agree with Eddie. You could even make a hundred bucks or so by selling on craigslist but if you put it on there for free I bet you could have it gone by the weekend without lifting a finger.

YUP get rid of it. Craigslist it for a few bucks,, then say free, if you remove by xxx date.

I've given stuff on craigslist away and sorry to say I found if I charge a few bucks everything goes, if I put it up for free. they take parts and leave the rest and don't come back.

So make them give you a deposit tell them remove at your risk ,,,sign here,,,, if it's all gone by ....I give you back your deposit.... or I'll give you back this much....

Swing sets are huge risk and I wouldn't have one on my property. 

they can go to the park!!

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