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I've looked at quite a few rental property template spreadsheets now and can't quite figure out why none of them (or at least the ones I've seen) don't give you a place to input your mortgage/loan payment as a monthly expense.  They all just seem to cater to mortgage insurance.  I understand that the mortgage payment isn't technically an operating expense, but you still have to account for it if you wanna know your profits/losses.  Am I missing something?

@Jerome Hanson . It probably has to do with the fact that debt service-your mortgage costs-are counted towards CASH FLOW, not Net Operating Income. NOI is simply your Monthly Yield minus your Operating Costs (taxes, utils, insurance) but does not include Debt Service.

Here's a link to a good podcast explaining how it all works.

Good luck. Tim

@Tim Sabo ya I understand how it works but it just seems to me that no one out there has created a template to compute actual cash flow. Seems to me all the ready made templates out there will either give you NOI monthly/annually or your predicted/average cash flow based on estimates. Unless I wanna build it myself, I don't see anything out there that gets you historical cash flow.

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Is there a way to add a field in the spreadsheet and do your own formula for that column. ??

@William E. yup that's a great tool.  But once again that's for estimating cash flow, etc including debt service for the future.  I'm just gonna go ahead and guess that most people just make their own spreadsheet for what I want.  Just odd that there isn't a bunch of spreadsheets out there already recording historical cash flow which accounts for the debt service.  

Not that big a deal.  I just wanted to avoid tweaking or making one.

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