Tenant Caused Water Damage

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Tenants kids were playing in bath and got water all over the floor. It seeped through the flooring and soaked through the ceiling of the tenant below. Ceiling fell down.

What should I do? Who pays for it?

Does the lease have a provision requiring the tenant to pay for costs to repair damages caused by the tenant or other occupants?

Does not matter if it is in the lease or not the tenant is responsible for damages, tenant pays. Inform the tenant they are responsible for the cost to repair. Hire a contractor and bill the tenant for the work. If they refuse to pay evict and take them to small claims court. Garnishing wages is the easiest way to collect. Do not under any circumstances deduct the cost from their deposit if they are staying as tenants.

Tenant Pays that let the water overflow onto the floor, 

You get bids for repair, may or may not be an insurance related claim, you could check, does your renter have renters insurance, maybe they could file claim with their insurance.

Take photo's and your gonna have to work with tenant living in damaged unit, so be prepared to be asked for rent reduction for days of inconvenience. and clean up of their items. and this should be part of what's included in costs in my opinion. 

I've given tenants that damaged a unit a pay plan so it can be paid over 3 months but before lease end. You have some flexibility, it was an accident so yes it's not easy to deal with but usually this type of issue is resolved. 

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