Potential new tenant asks to install alarm system

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I am in the process of processing application for a new tenant in my condo. So far the tenant passed the background check and we are scheduling time to sign the lease.

During our recent conversation, the prospect asked me if it is OK if she installs alarm system on the property. 

I was wondering if:

- should I let her install the alarm system?

- how to modify contract to ensure it is installed professionally and that I do not owe her anything upon termination of lease?

- how to modify contract to ensure I have the alarm system code on hand allow access when needed?

Personally, I do not have problem the system being installed if it is done at her cost and if it is done right, and if I owe her nothing whenever she decides to move out. From my perspective, I should have access to the alarm code for the same reason I am allowed to enter the property (emergency, future showings etc). 

I agree that at no cost to you and insisting on it be professionally installed you should not have any concerns.

My concern is actually with the tenant themselves. There should be no need for a security system in a condo if it only has a hall door access. What is the purpose...to inform her when someone breaks in when she is home. 

If the unit is not on the ground floor I am guessing you have a paranoid tenant applicant that I would be inclined to reject. I tend to avoid any applicant that may have paranoia issues. 

If you have a good lease it should have a clause saying tenant should not install anything to premises without landlord permission and anything affixed to property becomes property of landlord upon vacating. if you know they wanna do it, have them sing an addendum stating that it must be installed by a professional installer (probably the company she buys it from) and that when she leaves it becomes your property, unless you want it removed, in which case she would have to pay to repair any damage. however, I imagine it might be a nice plus to tell future prospects that the house is wired for a security system.

I've had a few tenants who wanted an alarm system put in.  One was a single woman who was a Music Therapist at the same hospital I worked at; she owned some expensive instruments and frequently left on weekends to attend different festivals; would some take (but not all) of these instruments.

I told her fine; she paid for the installation; it was done professionally and she gave me the code in the event that I had to enter for a repair when she wasn't home.

Ironically there's never been an issue of any break in in any of the houses where these tenants have put in security systems.

They often do forget to shut these off but it's fairly easy to disconnect them after move out.