Out-of-staters signatures needed

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I have a family interested in renting my home but they don't yet live in the area. I am about to email them my rental application but it includes a few signatures including the release of information authorization. What is the best way to collect signatures? I looked at Docusign but it seems complicated just for little old me. 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Duh. In hindsight seems obvious. @Travis Sperr how do you handle incoming application fees? I included a google wallet request for $25 when I sent the email with the application, but I don't know... not sure its very professional since I can't really issue a receipt or anything.

scannable is a free app where they can use their phone to send you the signed docuements as a PDF.  Super easy to use.

ust like taking a picture of it and then you can email it where you want.

There are some easy free signature programs too, but scannable may be the easiest/  THey can then mail you the original if you want it, but in the meantime you have a good copy. 

@Tyler Stephens I haven't rented to someone coming from out of town - so collecting check or cash hasn't been an issue. Tons of apps out there to collect a fee (Venmo, Paypal, etc) including free or inexpensive options from banks. I would be less worried about the $25 in this situation with the amount of fraud that comes from any "out of town", but if your diligence to this point tells you they are a real and a good fit than figure it out with them.

Dontget caught up in a receipt you can send an email that says you received the money. 

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