Doorbell system for multi family

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Hi folks,

Whats the best doorbell system for multi families you have used so far?

There's no need to have video camera, tenants just need to be able to buzz people in.

I appreciate your feedback.


I have no idea, but maybe if I post something, it will bump it up and the next person will know something.  :-)  Good luck!

Andresa Lobrace depending on the # of units and what you have available for existing infrastrucure (phone, internet, electrical) you should look at a telephone entry system. You only need power and a phone line at the unit. No need for running wiring for each individual unit, a visitor pushes the button for the person they are visiting, the unit dials the number that is programmed and the resident can hit a button to unlock the door (assuming there is already electronic locking hardware in place). You will have to reprogram it for new tenants. Doorking makes a good product and has models that will allow for keyfob access instead of keys.
If there is already wiring in place to each unit, Mircom or Elvox make decent replacement products. But now you will have a master station and unit stations to maintain.

Thanks a lot @Matt Leonard

I will research more and will post here what I find out.

Thank you,


Doorbells are pretty outdated in my opinion. Who rings your doorbell more, people you are waiting for, or people coming to solicit you? I just put a keypad lock on the door and let tenants manage who has access to the code.

If you want to go an extremely cheap and zero work involved method, Amazon sells those wireless doorbells. You plug in the receiver into an outlet where you want to be able to hear it, then put the battery operated button outside. I think I paid about 20 dollars and that came with 2 receivers. A lot easier than having to go wire in an actual doorbell.

Thank you @ Andrew

Do they offer the ability to buzz people in?


Originally posted by @Andresa Lobrace:

Thank you @ Andrew

Do they offer the ability to buzz people in?


Is it an apartment building with secure access? That I have no knowledge of. I thought you were just asking about plain doorbells

@Andresa Lobrace Check out Viking Electronics. You can control entry in just about any way with their equipment.

@Andrew Yes.

@Ante I will definitely check them out. Thank you for the recommendation.

+1 for Viking. Best thing I ever did (sorry dear). Because it uses the existing landlines the only wire I needed to run was a phone line to the front door. I even just use a $10 wall phone rather than a very expensive vandalproof, it's rarely been an issue in the 15 years I've had the system. In addition, it solves the ubiquitous package delivery problem, just give a programmable entry code to the UPS guy and postal worker. Got a contractor coming? program a code for him then delete it when he's done.

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