Early termination agreement

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I purchased a duplex about a month and a half ago. One of the exiting tenants (2 males) found bed bugs and we have had a disagreement about who is responsible. Finally, I agreed to remedy the situation if the tenants would sign an addendum saying they acknowledge I am doing so and they are responsible for any future issues. I also told them if they didn't sign I would remedy and that they are free to leave.  

Now, they say they are moving out. My question is should I have (or attempt to have) them sign something like an early termination agreement? Anything else I should be aware of?

The Bed bugs were probably there. I'd just have them sign a vacate notice that they are leaving..it's probably better just to let them go. 

Inspect and treat both side of the Duplex, and going forward you could use a clause on pest control in your lease. 

Thank you for the reply. Quite a learning experience. I've got a clause and addendum for next time that I actually found on this site. 

I can try and have them sign a vacate notice but I'm worried they will refuse. 

Here in California it is the landlords responsibility to remediate any infestation issues (mice, roaches, bedbugs etc.) however you can bill the resident because you would not of brought this into their unit. I would make sure you make through documentation regarding the interaction and going forward have a bedbug addendum (look online or check with local rental associations) for new move-ins.  I would make sure that you have the unit heat treated (most effective IMO) and have the pest control company give you something in writing that they deem the unit bed bug free.  I would just post a notice of abandonment and follow applicable procedures if thats the case.  If they will not sign anything or return keys.  Sadly just getting rid of the tenant does not get rid of the bed bugs because they can hide in outlets, carpet and so on..... Good luck!