Last month unpaid rent

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Greeting BP members,

My tenant left the condo breaking the lease without telling me.
Basically his check bounced and when I tried to get in touch he text me that keys are in condo.
I ran to find the condo empty.

Was shocked to find out that he’s moved to a town house within the SAME community .
So I have his new address for any court summons .

I have his security deposit which he will forefit for breaking the lease.

Can I take him to small claims court to get the last months rent ?

Thanks for responding

Yes you can.

Your chances of getting a judgement in your favor based on your story are good. 

Will you see that money?


Business lesson. 

Move on.

I think your effort is better spent on finding a new tenant, rather than chasing an old one.

Hi Taz,

I agree with Eddie, unfortunately you may not see that money. It's just such a lesson on the importance of screening and good judgement on the character of your tenant. The best thing you can do is just start looking for a  new tenant. My best advice can just be to try to do even more than last time through the screening process. Pre-screen, do a full background, credit and eviction report, call previous, employers, etc. Use your best judgement but it may be even better to increase the qualifications for approval in your rental. 

Good luck in the future and I hope this is the first and last time something like that happens!   


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