Best website to advertise my rentals?

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I have been using Craigslist with success for a number of years marketing and managing a modest portfolio of residential real estate in core Denver.  However, inquiries have tailed off in the past 12 months, and scams have increased.

Looking for recommendations on a good website that I can pay to post a listing on.  Right now I just need one place filled.

I checked, and they wanted to upsell a lot of features that didn't appeal to me. It also seemed a bit pricey - $180 for 90 days (I don't need to list something in this area for 90 days).  

I am also confused about whether there is one site that potential tenants use as a resource - I do not perceive a dominant player in the market.  One of the things that offers is cross listing on three other websites with their standard fee, and a $35 upcharge for them to list on ~20 other sites.  I question the efficacy of these ~20 other sites.  

Any recommendations would be appreciated.  

@Benjamin Lyng Definitely join and post in local 'buy sell trade' groups on Facebook. People will comment or message you directly giving you a chance to 'see' who your potential tenants are prior to a showing.

Originally posted by @Jenifer Kynor :

Hi Benjamin,

My recommendation would be to get on all of the major listing sites; Zillow, Trulia,,, etc. Keep using craigslist as well. The more you're on, the more eyes on it and leads you'll receive! 

Don't all of these cost money (except CL)?  I was also looking for more of a one stop shop.  I want to minimize the time of creating multiple listings, creating new user names, etc.  I only get $1000/month on this one, so I don't want a lot of brain damage.

Perhaps there really isn't a one stop shop for residential rentals such as an Amazon or ebay?

If your building has fewer than 50 units or is a single family home than it's free to list your rentals on Zillow, Trulia and HotPads.  You create and manage one listing that appears on all three consumer sites.  Good luck.

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