Facebook marketing vacant units??

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Has anyone used Facebook ads to fill a vacancy? I'm not into student rentals, or high-end professionals...my homes are average 3-bed places that appeal to a very wide market. Targeting is pretty difficult...it seems you can only filter by geography. Anyone have any tips? Or experience with whether it's worthwhile? Thanks!

Hi @Ryan Kirk . You may already be doing this, but I would suggest that you exclude homeowners. You can specifically target renters as well. I recommend that you profile your most likely renter to the best of your ability. You can use income brackets, age range, married vs. single, family makeup (do they have young kids or would they be older?) You can also add likely to move. These are just some starting points, but if you can picture the most likely person to rent - or your ideal person, use that to target. When you're working on your targeted audience, use Facebook's "browse" option to see what suggestions they have. You can also use audience insights if you want to really dig into the background of your targeted audience profile.

Rather than paying for advertising, see if your area has a local FOR RENT group you can post to.  This is pretty active in my area, people share the posts to others and get a conversation going.  It can be time consuming and a bit frustrating, but the price is right to try it out.

Facebook and a sign in the yard is ALL we ever do to advertise.  In our area there are half a dozen "house for rent" type groups.   Once someone replies to an add, it's just a mouse click to do some screening based on their own Facebook posts. 

I tired the $10 dollar Facebook ads -- Zillow still worked best for us, but then I had linked the Zillow ad to our FB page so it may have driven some response.  Our FB page got more likes out of this.

I used the Facebook criteria to EXCLUDE smokers, pet owners and those interested in marijuana legalization.

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