Requesting copy of rental application/credit check

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Hello everyone,

I have recently had a property management company in California lease one of my property (find new tenants) but I will be the one managing the unit day to day. 

I have requested that they send me a copy of the rental application + credit report/background check and they told me that it is illegal for them to share that information with me. Does anyone have any input on this?

I just want a copy of the paperwork in case the tenants end up being bad, so I can have all the information I would need to potentially go after them. 


bumping post...  This is an interesting question.  I'd like to know also. 

@Steve Vu there could be an issue sharing this information if the agency didn't disclose that the information would be shared with the owner. It doesn't make any sense that they wouldn't disclose this. How can they rent properties for people without sharing this type of information? I would never use that agency again. It is crazy they would place a tenant in your property without sharing any information with you.

I have worked with agencies and they always share the information with me prior to approving the applicant. I am not doing business in California, so maybe there is some state laws that are restrictive.

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