Security Deposit - Pennsylvania Law

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In Pennsylvania, are you allowed to keep the full security deposit if your tenants do not pay their last month's rent? 

If you only collected one months rent as a security deposit, any more and the balance goes back to them, unless there is also damage. I am assuming they moved out and you are not just talking about using it to cover a months rent ? someone that may be able to answer that better, if i am wrong, is @Chris K.

@Jon Kelly

Generally yes, but you have to: (1) review your lease to see what it says; and (2) still follow all the required steps when it comes to dealing with security deposits. The last part is very important --- PA law is pretty cut and dry about what a landlord needs to do when it comes to keeping the security deposit. 

Disclaimer: While I’m an attorney licensed to practice in PA, I’m not your attorney. What I wrote above does not create an attorney/client relationship between us. I wrote the above for informational purposes. Do not rely on it as legal advice. Always consult with your attorney before you rely on the above information.

@Patrick Liska @Chris K. , thank you both for the responses. This particular tenant did not pay last month's rent, so I am just wondering what my options are if they happen to walk away the last month. Based on my interpretation of PA law and your comments it sounds like I would be able to keep the full security deposit if they do not pay last month's rent. 


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