Tenant screening. What do you use?

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What are the best resources for screening tenants. I have heard of rent prep but does anyone have another suggestions?

Are you going to be managing these properties yourself?

Yes it's just a duplex. I currently live in one side and have the other side rented. Moving out I to new house so I need to get my side rented. Need a reliable way to screen tenants.

We use a paper application, pre-screen, and scan it to a service if they make the first cut.  We used https://www.aaacredit.net/property.html and were happy with them. Then we found that our state landlord association offered a cheaper option as part of membership, which is very reasonable for a low number of units owned.

Hi Ryan!

Great question! When running a screening report on tenants, I recommend doing a full background check, credit check, and eviction report on any applicant above the age of 18. 

In addition to running the screening report, on your online application request previous landlord's phone numbers as well as their number for their place of employment. Calling previous landlords and their boss can tell you a lot about the individual that the screening reports cannot.

Take advantage of the online and free resources available to you to screen tenants. I'll go ahead and reach directly out to you. 


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