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Other day visiting rental property I noticed my tenants having a dog inside. They was no one home same day. When I asked them about the dog next day on the phone I was told they are watching someone elses dog. Pet is allowed per contract but they should pay security deposit. Appreciate any guidance you guys can provide  


Does your lease address anything related to pets or people guests?  Our rental agreement has a limit on how long guests can stay without permission.  It also says that no pets are allowed at all without pre-approval, so that any animals found are an immediate violation.

If your lease is vague I would be a bit more lenient. But either way you can serve a notice to comply.  They should be given three options - move out, get the dog gone in a few days, or pay the pet deposit and follow whatever stipulations you have for pets.

Thanks for feedback Michele. Lease states pets are not allowed without prior agreement in writing even temporarily. I will put together a notice to comply with reference to the lease and offer three options you recommended above 

My lease states "no animals allowed, even for visitations" without written permission. If you allow pets to visit, how will you know when they are permanent or not without parking outside the house every day?

If your lease doesn't address it, I would suggest you let the tenant know that they need to get rid of the animal as soon as possible and the next violation may result in eviction. Then tighten up your lease for next time.

Similar situation. We found out our tenant has a dog. She first claimed it was visiting then said it is a service dog. Our rental agreement states no pets. She is moving out in 60 days (we are selling the property) and has had the dog for at least 5 months. We are not asking for any service dog certification at this point. But, regarding the original deposit, what does "normal wear and tear" now mean? For example, carpets are dirtier than if there was no pet. Walls, too. If she would have told us up front that she has a service dog, we would have asked for a pet deposit. Thoughts? 

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