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I have 2 sets of applicants for a property.  My stated policy is that applicants have a minimum monthly income of 3x the rent.  

Applicants A: Income is a combination of SSI, Foster Care, Adoption stipend, Musician, and Beautician.  Combined it is barely 3x, and I am not sure the beautician income can be verified, but makes up a significant enough portion for it to matter.  The musician's income is predictable--his company states he's been working for them for 17 years. If either foster child leaves the home there is a significant loss in income. 

Applicants B: Newer college graduates.  One has monthly gross pay equal to the amount of Applicants A' verified income.  The other member had been working PT but has the potential for FT, and her degree should garner her a healthy income.

Applicant A states that their current landlord is negligent and as a result she has short paid rent a few times to cover repairs she paid out of pocket.  She had an eviction more than 10 years ago.

Since neither has the 3x verifiable AT THIS TIME, but could, how do I choose?   Any other things I should consider?

Reject them both.

If they don't qualify then they don't qualify and you should not be asking for advice on choosing between two unqualified applicants. Biggest mistake novice landlords make is compromising on their screening standards to try to force a applicant to qualify.

Major novice mistake that often costs thousands.

What he said. Stick to your qualifications. No tenant is better than a bad tenant.

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